Qualified Staff

Qualified, Experienced Team

We have a unique team of experienced psychologists who are compassionate, professional and capable of helping you achieve your goals. Each clinician has been carefully selected by Dr. Elizabeth Seeley-Wait. As well as practicing privately, all of our psychologists are or have been involved in research and contribute to our field in meaningful ways.
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Child Psychology Services

Psychology Services

Based in Sydney, we offer a full range of diagnostic and treatment options. We have expertise in treating all forms of anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use and stress management problems. We help those experiencing grief, divorce and other life adjustments.
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Evidence Based Practices

Research Based Practices

We are committed to the use of “best-practice” therapies – treatments that have been found to be effective through rigorous research. We then tailor these therapies to the individual. Efficacy of treatment is of the utmost importance to us; therefore, we track treatment change carefully for each individual and for the clinic as a whole.
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